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Handwriting - Start-Up and Remediation:
Whole-Day INSET
Who should attend?
  • Primary headteachers, managers, teachers, teaching assistants
  • Foundation Stage staff with an interest in handwriting
  • Supply teachers, tutors and student-teachers
  • Literacy and Special Needs co-ordinators, specialists and advisors
  • School governors, parent volunteers
  • Inspectors
  • Anyone in Key Stage 3 with an interest in handwriting
Summary of training

Describe the needs of your infant, primary school or secondary school with our trainer to discuss the best option for staff training in teaching handwriting and generally raising standards across the school with immediate impact!

The trainer can model handwriting with whole classes to demonstrate the introduction of Debbie's style of joined handwriting. Staff and the pupils will be amazed with the dramatic changes that can be achieved in the shortest possible time!

Handwriting professional development can be arranged in combination with phonics consultancy – (for example, observations, modelling and guidance) – discuss with the trainer your ideal combination of phonics and handwriting - or handwriting as the main focus.

"I have found the outcomes from the training day to be hugely positive. The training followed by the introduction of a new policy has had a big impact in improving the standards of handwriting and presentation in our school. Staff have embraced the cursive style and in some cases have greatly improved their own handwriting. Also strategies such as 'Froggy Fingers' to encourage correct grip is being used."
Lee Noble - Head Teacher, Whitegate Primary School, Nottingham

An example of content for infant and primary schools:
  • Looking at current practice of adults and learners for a baseline
  • Values placed on handwriting in the school
  • The Parents’ View and implications for the Handwriting Policy
  • Personal Reflection
  • Handwriting Policy
  • Optimum conditions for success
  • Considering optimum physical conditions
  • Slipping through the net
  • Left hand and right hand positioning
  • Reflecting on contexts, pencil grips and use of mini whiteboards
  • Whole school survey
  • The role of the alphabet
  • Handwriting as the third core skill for phonics and part of a multi-sensory approach
  • Sub-skills for handwriting
  • Modelling air-writing – do’s and don’ts
  • Directionality for letter formation
  • Ethos
  • ‘Froggy legs’ hold for younger learners, ‘tripod grip’ for older learners
  • Pre-school 3 to 4 year olds’ resources
  • Print and joined handwriting styles
  • Visual display
  • Resources with graphemes, words and sentences on writing lines
  • Transition from print to joined – when and how
  • Alphabetic code and joined handwriting on lines
  • Spelling-with-editing routine print and joined handwriting
  • Success with writing and drawing
  • Phonics and handwriting exercise book
  • High expectations and incentives
  • Working in partnership with parents
  • What do you notice? Developing a ‘critical eye’ and high expectations
  • Resources for modelling and video guidance
  • Suggested time scale for pupils and staff – from instant to one term – and never look back!

Training costs (fully inclusive of materials and expenses*)  
Whole-Day INSET (min 6 hrs training time required) £1395 plus VAT
Note that Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and non-mainland UK will be subject to additional travelling costs.
To check availability and for all booking enquiries, contact us on 01635 8000 33 or fill out our online enquiry form.
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